Do you see our website for the first time and never heard about FreeRun Race? This is the right way – we try to explain it. FreeRun is traditional charity race, which is held at the beginning of the summer at Vysocina Highlands. The race is based on 4 main points – society, movement, nature and beneficence. The main goal is to get together a group of people and together enjoy summer afternoon doing sport. Everyone can choose their discipline – running, biking or walking. Two 5 kilometres circles are prepared, so minimum distance is 5 km and it can get up to 20 km. The track leads beautiful countryside, where you can suck in plenty of energy. The last but not least is beneficence. Earned money goes to people, who need them.

For this year it was you, who decided, for whom are we walking, running or biking.

It was Jara, 16 years old boy ending the last year at the secondary school, who had the most points in the poll on our facebook site.

He lives with his parents and handicap brother in one room flat. Jara wishes the most to be to become a cook and get on his feet. In that flat he has no study conditions, small personal space and nor money – no even his own table, where he could put his things on or get ready for school. Without any help, there is no chance to get money so he can buy basic things needed for the lesson.

Charity race FreeRun18 was held on Saturday 23/6/2018.

Thanks all of you and the sponsors FreeRun could be better than the last FreeRun.Here you can watch our beautiful video, we hope you enjoy. Jara’s story found support from so many people. 141 competitors participated in the race and many people came to cheer them up. It was a lovely day!

The final price for Jara was 24.188 Czech crowns!

Thanks to this sum of money, Jara’s dream is closer. Earned money will be used by social workers form Oblastni charity Zdar nad Sazavou to buy necessary things to make his study life better.

For more information and news follow us on Facebook @FreeRunHelps. New projects are coming!