Give a Smile

Most of us encounter the lighting of Christmas trees, which are seasonally the dominance of most squares of towns or villages. We wanted to indulge in this event even for those who are not able to come to their squares. That’s why we decided to make a smile on the faces of Moravec’s Charity Home this year, and we will be helping to illuminate the Christmas Tree, which will become the dominant feature of their premises, and clients will be able to admire a tree from their rooms. The campaign “Give a smile” was attended by several of you, the surrounding companies, but also our new project “Challenge It!”!

Thanks to all the great people, we have achieved incredible results together! The DARUJTE SMĚHV campaign boasts an amazing final amount of 41,183 CZK. The planned 16,500 CZK was used for the lighting and the rest will be put towards the second wish of the clients – the sheep barrier. Coming up this summer, wait for further information!