On The Feet!

Your positive feedback on charity race FreeRun 2017 motivated us so much that we have organized another event by the end of the year 2017. We’ve been thinking about how to get everyone involved, even those of you who do not have the time. We prepared the winter online campaign “On the feet!” where we could once again bring together the forces and help. The event ran for 4 months, so everyone could participate.

During preparation for the FreeRun 2017 we met a boy in the DEW (the Day Care Centre Denni stationary ROSA).  We cannot describe it, but somehow we found him very interesting and today we can happily say that he is our friend. A friend who has won our heart and we hope wins yours as well. Together we will help Dominik.


Dominik is a 14-year-old boy from Bystrice nad Pernstejnem. In May 2016, he suffered several injuries in a tragic accident when his father died. Despite multiple head injuries, fracture of both legs and paralysis of the right side of the body, Dominik managed to sit in a wheelchair this March.

He is a great warrior, he intensively rehabilitates, but his condition is still very serious and without any consistent and regular rehabilitation, it is very difficult to get back to life without restrictions. Getting Dominik back on his feet is not unrealistic, but he will need a great deal of support in maintaining rehabilitation and his motivation to see a life without a wheelchair.

Your support was huge and we thank you for it with all our heart! We all know that “together everyone achieves more”.

The bottom line – the result of the campaign “On Your Feet!” was raising an outstanding amount: 105,672 Kč

It was easy. Order a T-shirt, support and be proud to wear with the feeling that you helped!

The money raised was spent on rehabilitation and other aids that Dominik really needed.

For us girls from FreeRunHelps, “On Your Feet!” means a heartbeat. A piece of our lives and a lot of work that gave us a lot of personal satisfaction. We are planning other projects that you will look forward to, we are sure about that!