Lenka Rohackova

Lenny has found her passion for sailing in her teenage. Sailing in several destinations in the world with friends made her fall in love with boats and the lifestyle around it.

She worked as a fleet manager for a German houseboat charter company BunBo for a couple of years. She is also a big food lover and a founder of MuchBetterFood.com an online vegan recipe book promoting healthy lifestyle without silly diets.

She has found her interest in running and yoga exercises. Lenny has already joined many bigger races in different countries all over Europe.

Lenny works for an English family owned company called W. S. Bentley. W. S. Bentley grow such lovely small plants as micro cresses – that’s music to her ears. The combination of healthy food and this little beauty makes her feel over the moon.

And of course the FreeRun is her little baby and an important part of her life!