Pavla Rohackova

Pavla has been studying Business Administration and Management at The Faculty of Economics and Administration at the Masaryk University since 2017. She has chosen this because she would like to do business and maybe run her own business in the future. She likes Math and English and she is interested in how the world works – from an economic point of view.

She is really into reading books and watching videos about self-improvement and self-growth, generally how to be the best you. She loves sports, but on the other hand she enjoys watching movies/series and listening to music. She likes minimalism in modern art such as buildings, photography, design, graphics etc.

For her, technology is seen in a positive light, she tries to use it to make her life easier. Pavla likes travelling, exploring new place, culture and people. She believes that in every corner of world she can bump into someone or something interesting, which can change her life and push her higher – that is what she really loves about it!