Petra Rohackova

Petra was born into a family of pharmacists, so from a young age she knew what she wanted to be in the future. After she graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy at Charles University, she happily started working in the family pharmacy, where she still works. Working with people and for people she enjoys very much.

Her free-time Petra likes to spend in a cottage in Vysočina, with her family and friends and also with her animals (several cats and a dog). Recently, running has become a part of her life, she prefers running just for the joy with her husband and their German Shepherd Brit. She likes riding a bicycle, reading, hiking the mountains and also attempting doing yoga and German language classes. She loves her closest ones, beautiful old things, simplicity, vintage style of living and good wine 🙂 .

In 2017, she joined the girls at FreeRun and found out how much she cares for the good of others, so it was a great honor, that the girls offered her to be a part of the team.